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Once every Rainbow Moon, when Orion's Belt lines up 85 degrees from the Big Dipper (Don't ask, we don't know either...) The most bizarre phenomena begins to occur. The fabric between universes becomes porous, and a few unfortunate individuals across the Times and Spaces are sucked into a point of convergence.

Now, five sorry sacks of $#!+ have become... Housemates. Dwelling in an inter-dimensional shed, this band of misfits travels across the Gaming Cosmos, answering to the moniker; "The Society of Skrubbery".

The Skrubbers will fight anything & everything from Steroid Midgets & Vampire Innkeepers to Mad Scientists & Aliens

The 5 Skrubbers:

-Storm, the Fluffy Elemental Alien Raptor

-Shino, The Android Warlock

-Alpha, The Druggie who thinks he's in WWII

-Wraith, The Salt-Fueled Space Demon Brawler

-BioHaZard, The Nuclear Post-Apocalyptic Bounty Hunter

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The Society of Skrubbery is a Gaming group who took it a step further and made an entire story universe behind their shenanigans.

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